Jacoby Ellsbury Wife Kelsey Hawkins

Jacoby Ellsbury has strong affiliation with wife Kelsey Hawkins that why spend life as Happy Couple. He is a best one American professional kind of baseball center fielder. He has the age of 32 and living quite happily with his wife. Story about his love life that when it was begun and when he first meets up with lady love, all details can be grabbed from here: It has been 3 years that he is married with this pretty lady. Both of them tied knot in December 2012. We grabbed info that this couple met about 6 years ago. They have all the time kept their details secret of their relationship from media. They have kept their engagement and too their wedding a secret! Both of them had their first meeting when they attended university seminar together. At that time, Kelsey had been working as a nanny.

His Mother Opinion: Once Jacoby’s mother told to the media that Jacoby has never and never been interested in ladies. She further told to the media that he used to have only one girl friend during school times. Jacoby used to be a shy guy during her school times. That is why we see that he hardly had girlfriends! He met his lady love, Kelsey and there at that time made up his mind that he will be tying knot with her. How romantic it is!

Jacoby Ellsbury photo with his wfe

Wedding Details:

Both of them also posted a wedding pic along with their three adorable and cutest flower girls, these girls were the bride’s nieces. This couple was looking spectacular on their special day. So far, they have no kids and they have not so far made any plans to do that! Right now they are enjoying a lot their married life, they are having exclusive time of their life. May they remain together like this!

Both aim to spend a golden time with each other that clear from their happiness. Here important thing to explain is that in off season they arrange a date at some special place. Further till their relationship is unique and hopefully they manage it in best way. So this is Jacoby Ellsbury married life details with Wife Kelsey Hawkins! If you have more questions popping in your mind about personal life of this American professional base baller then do ask from us in below comment section.

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