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Lovely and loyal couple Isaiah Austin Girlfriend Erika Santos has a beautiful life. Of course, Isaiah is one of the best and youngest players of basketball. Now a day’s there are so many youngest players having girlfriend and they thought their girlfriends is becoming the important part of their life. She is so beautiful and both knew each other from their school life. She said Isaiah is perfect partner for her and she wish and choice for tall, strong, hardworking, lovable beautiful and she found all thing in this personality. Both are true hearted and she has one dream that Isaiah becomes draft man in his earlier career and proved himself in NBA. She has also wish that his boyfriend become champions in future. A player is said to be lucky that gain best wishes of her girlfriend and among these Isaiah Austin that get best wishes of her girlfriend Erika Santos.

  • Isaiah Austin Girlfriend Name: Erika Santos

This pair is a best matching. Furthermore, Isaiah was born in America and become professional fresh man basketball player. At start, he played for the Baylor Bears in this session. He was offered in NBA and joined after completed study and play as a professional basketball player. He become part of drafted by NBA last two years and he refused due to such serious injury and after the perfection of injury he becomes draft man.

He is also famous as a best athlete among their fans. On the other hand one thing is secret he is blind on his right eye and now a day’s he do proper treatment and hope he becomes the future champion of NBA. If one sees the personal life of then a girl is come in his life that is Isaiah Austin Girlfriend is lucky to have him in his life.

Isaiah Austin Girlfriend Pictures:

Isaiah Austin Girlfriend Erika Santos

Loyalty of Isaiah Austin with Girlfriend:

Isaiah Austin is a player that is sees quite loyal with her girlfriend. He is a caring person and try to make a strong relation. This is the reason that girlfriends list of Isaiah Austin is not quite long and only Erika Santos is the girl that is remain his life now.

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