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Is William Brent in a Relationship Girlfriend 2019 Wife Married to or Single

So far, William Brent is hooked up with several beautiful girls of the industry. In 2009, Unger was affiliated with Allisyn Ashley Arm. The couple broke up after a while. He dated to Alli Simpson in 2012. The duo had a brief relation. In 2013, Unger was in a relationship with Raini Rodriguez and then to Teala Dunn in 2014. These days, it is speculated that he is in a relationship with Angela Moreno. They are together from 2014. But still, both of them are avoiding from a formal declaration. Yet, no one knows that when they will present themselves as a real couple.

  • Is William Brent in a Relationship?

Yes, he is in a relationship.

William Brent Girlfriend 2019:

  • Probably, the William Brent girlfriend 2019 is Angela Moreno.

Who is William Brent Married to?

  • William Brent Wife:

Yet Unmarried

Short Bio on William Brent:

Emerging star from Hollywood entertainment industry William Brent Unger was born on October 15, 1995, in Palm Beach Country, Florida. He is the second child born to William Unger (father) and Karley Unger (mother). Erin Unger is his elder singer who is a recognized singer where his brother Eric Unger is an actor and who made a name from appearances in the family movie Monster Mutt and Opposite Day.

In 2006, William traveled to Hollywood along with his family and did efforts to initiate his career over there. As per resources, he enrolled in acting classes along with his siblings and received his high school diploma in 2011.

Before the start of an actual career, he was invited as a guest person for television shows and series. Then, he acted upon television series of Disney XD television series ‘Kickin’ It’ and then in Disney Channel’s sitcom ‘Sonny with a Chance’. Accordingly, in succession, he gave his acting skills in ‘No Ordinary Family’, ‘Hawthorne’, ‘Cold Case’, ‘Medium’, ‘Metal’ and much more.  However, he is notable for his work as Chase Davenport’ in Disney XD series that comprises ‘Lab Rats’ and ‘Lab Rats: Elite Force’


Short Career Detail of William Brent:

He marked his appearance as Frankie in the movie ‘Seven’s Eleven: Sweet Toys’. In the following year, he was featured in Jon Turteltaub movie ‘National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets’. Alongside, his well-liked movies are ‘You Again’, ‘Opposite Day’, ‘Monster Mutt’, ‘Rock Slyde’ and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. He has received three times Young Artist Award and nominated for many other awards multiple times.

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