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Is Jennifer Lawrence is Girlfriend of Darren Aronofsky in 2018 Relationship

Now-a-days, speculations are that Darren is in a relationship with Jennifer Lawrence. On the base of some reports, these two interact with each other while making movie ‘Mother!’ and then fallen in love. On other side, reality is different. Undoubtedly, from last two year they are very close friends, but their relationship status is still not confirmed. So in 2018 Is Jennifer Lawrence is Girlfriend of Darren Aronofsky? is an unanswerable question at the moment. Before this he is the baby father of a kid and has two public relations. Probably for the first time, Darren commenced his love life with Rachel Weisz. After years of dating, the duo engaged. A year later, the couple welcomed their son and lived together in East Village in Manhattan for many years.

However eight years ago, Weisz stated that they had already parted their ways few months ago but will remain good friends throughout their life and will meet up for their son.

At a later, Darren had an affiliation for a Canadian celebrity named Brandi-Ann Milbradt. Things didn’t work out between them and they split up.

  • During 2018 Is Jennifer Lawrence is Girlfriend of Darren Aronofsky? Not Sure but they are very good friends


This influential man of the film making industry was born in Brooklyn. He was brought up in the neighborhood of Manhattan Beach by his parents. Both of his parents were teachers at public school. In his childhood days, Darren often visits Broadway Theater along with his family, so it can be said that he was involved in it since those days.

Initially, he attended School in Brooklyn. Hence forth, Darren headed to Kenya and enrolled in The School for Field Studies as he had deep interest in biology and to study about Ungulates. Consequently, he intended to move across Middle East and Europe.

Later on, Darren took an admission in Harvard University and chose film and social anthropology in majors. During his course duration at Harvard, he befriended with a rousing animator Sean Gullette, who motivated him to work for Hollywood industry. To have more experience in direction he joined American Film Institute. He garnered various awards for his senior thesis movie ‘Supermarket Sweep’ which was later selected for the finale of National Student Academy Award.

Lawrence and Aronofsky


Twenty years ago he released his first project ‘Pi’. Though it was a low budget but was able to create a place in the industry.

Darren always tried to make stun the audience through his influential abilities. He showed up cinematic aptitude in the many famous movies. For all these film, he was appreciated and given by the prestigious awards of all the time.

Moreover seven years ago, his produced movie ‘Black Swan’ was selected for opening at 67th Venice Film Festival. Though the movie was criticized by the audience but admired too with PRISM Award by ‘Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration’. Apart from this, ‘Noah’ is another super hit movie. Recently, his psychological horror movie ‘Mother!’ is released. So his entire career is full with successful stories.

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