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Is Drew Carey Married New Girlfriend Wife Who in 2021 or Single

Drew’s love life was on a halt during the time span of 2012 to 2017. He was not linked up with any woman and was pretty much single. His life took a new turn in the year 2017 when he met Dr. Amie Harwick. The couple met at a common friend’s house warming party and started taking interest with each other immediately. They got engaged officially in the year 2018. But, unluckily their engagement was broke off in less than a year and went their own ways. The reason for their breakup is known to be Drew’s lingering feelings towards his ex-fiancée Nicole and her son. The ex-lovers still meet up and Drew is still playing a role for Nicole’s son grooming. Amie was uncomfortable with Drew’s inclination towards his ex-girlfriend and parted ways with Drew.

Drew Carey Girlfriend 2021:

  • After the ending of second engagement, Drew Carey is Single. Furthermore, he is in contact with both of the fiances that is a good sign of maturity.

Is Drew Carey Married in 2021?

Before Amie, he was engaged to Nicole Jaracz in 2007. But they never got married and broke up in 2012. They don’t have any kids together but Drew was a father figure to Nicole’s son whom she had from her previous relationship. Nicole and her son were seen appearing in Drew’s game show the price is right multiple times.

  • Drew Carey Another Ex Relationship:

Rumors are ripe that Drew had a fling with Kelley Whilden for a short while. The actress and the comedian were spotted together a few times although have never confirmed being in a relationship. Whether they were just friends or lovers there is no concrete piece of news about the issue.

Who is Drew Carey Wife?

There has been a lot of speculation on his marriage interest and rumors have it that he is gay. He has been hanging out with a lot of women lately so it has been almost confirmed that he is straight. Furthermore, despite two engagements, he lost both of them before marriage.

Drew Carey

About Drew Carey:

Unfortunately, Drew Carey had a troubling childhood because he lost his father when he was a kid. Drew’s mother couldn’t spend much time with her because she had to do multiple part-time jobs to earn for her family. Drew is the youngest child and has 2 older brothers. Because of the huge age gap between him and his brothers he couldn’t gel well with them and ended up suffering from depression at a young age. He even attempted to commit suicide two times but wasn’t successful,

Career Highlights:

Drew is the host of the famous American Game show ‘’the price is right’’. He has acted in many commercially hit movies until now. He was always appreciated for the work he has done in various fields of the entertainment business.

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