How to Start a Conversation with a Girl at the Mall

One knows that girls has crazed of shopping, for this they must go to a mall. So when a boy see pretty girl, he always has aimed to start conversation. This is good opportunity to achieve trust of a girl that later on covert in friendship. But at that time majority of boys never know that what to talk or they make the mistake in approaching. In such situation only those boys succeed who knows that how to start a conversation with a girl at the mall. In this conversation one is able to get attention that he is a caring and best guy for her. If one makes any mistake in these circumstances then she must walk away.

 Step 1: Before going to start conversation selects a place where is the good strength of girls? In this cluster one has multiple options to talk. Then before approach one must make sure that he is looking best. Just overview your apparent look quickly because one has not too much time to waste.

Step 2: When one get a fit place and situation for talk, then second major problem is opening of conversation. A best approach and opener always wins this race. Now here we divide them in

  • Direct Opener
  • Indirect Opener


  • In first type just go up to her and open talk directly that “You are a pretty lady, I wana want friendship” there is nothing wrong with it. But in this way as success rate is going high, there is greater chance of go away from you.

In second way one start conversation from any indirect way, like comment on thing that you think or notice that she is attracted. Try to avoid few traditional sentences because now girls are irritating from them.

  • Try to discuss a topic that is interesting as well you has strong grip on it. Here confidence and passion is more important than anything else. Because now girls like a man who has some aim in life, while confidence is always important.

Now time come to ask her mobile number and talk her that you phone later. After this makes sure that you contact her at that night or next day. When you call after a gap of two or three days then she forgets this meeting. Because may be another one also attempt for friendship. These are few tips that must help that how to start a conversation with a girl when she meet you at the Mall.

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