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Henry Rollins Girlfriend 2020 Who Is His Wife Is he Married

The list of Rollin’s girlfriends is very attractive and lengthy, but the weirdest part is that he is still unmarried after having several relationships. Few of the Henry Rollins relationships are discussed here. Diamanda Galas was his very first girlfriend. Diamanda was a singer by profession. The couple got a little attention from the media. Thus it is not mentioned in the media when they broke up in the 1980s. After Diamanda, he was seen with Kira Roessler and Laura Cloud. But unfortunately, the relationship with them was not last long and was considered a low profile too. Furthermore, Rollins bonding with Lydia Lunch is considered his first official relationship.

After this breakup, Rollins had an affair with Kari Wuhrer, six years younger than him. According to some resources, the couple distantly met at movie premiers and immediately got hooked up. But like other relationships, this was also ended up after a few months. After Kari, he was seen with Sophie. Ultimately, in 2001 these two broke up.

During 2007-2008, Rollins was connected with Janeane Garofalo, an activist as well as a comedian. After two years of dating, they got separated.

Henry Rollins Girlfriend 2020:

  • From the past few years, 58 years old Rollin is not seen with any other lady so it is believed that he is now single.

Who Is Henry Rollins Wife?

Not Confirm

Is Henry Rollins Married?

  • No

A pic with EX:

Henry Rollins relation

“With last GF Garofalo”

Short Bio of Henry Rollins:

Yes, Rollins is the son of Iris and Paul Garfield. At 3, his parents got separated and he has no other sibling. He is grown up by his mother.

In 1980, he started his professional career. Now he is one of the recognized American actor, television and radio host, musician and comedian. These days he is hosting a radio show on a weekly basis on KCRW and is writing daily columns for Rolling Stone Australia and LA Weekly, so he is a journalist too. His biggest achievement is the creation of a rock group under the name Rollins Band, in this band he worked with his friend Chris Haskett. The band produced a masterpiece in 1990, labels ‘Liar’ and ‘Low Self Opinion’. In 1994, he was presented by the Grammy Award for ‘Get in the Van’ for the category of ‘Best Spoken Word Album’. Surely, he will always be remembered for his fantastic work.

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