Hannah Teter Boyfriend Johnny Bananas

It is according to our records that this celeb famous by the name of Hannah Teter is currently single these days. But if we look at her past boyfriend details then we came to know that three years ago she dated Johnny Bananas. Both of them have been happily together for a time period of 3 years. They also uploaded many of their social media pictures. Both of them have never been secretive about their love. It is still cannot be said that whether they have parted ways or not! SHE has stated in many of the interviews that she loves spending time with this guy at some romantic place. Both of them share this passion and love of snowboarding; they just love to spend some quality time during romantic date night. Some of the sources are saying so that they have parted ways but officially there is not any split up statement revealed at media. Hannah Teter started romantic relation with Johnny Bananas after her breakup her ex-boyfriend Eli Lieberman.

At one side Hannah Teter and Johnny Bananas chilled together at this Christmas, mean while few days ago she caught with couple of blondes at boat. This shows that he is not her boyfriend. May be romantic understanding is not built between them, so they will decide to carry on this relation as friends. But these all are just assumptions.

  • Who is Johnny Bananas Dating? Not Clear

Pic Taken from his Twitter that again raised confusions:

Hannah Teter relation

Couple Picture

Johnny Bananas Girlfriend

Ex Relationship with Eli Lieberman

She also had a relationship with Eli Lieberman! But they ended their relationship quite sooner after. We can still have a check out of many snaps and pictures of Hannah and Lieberman.

But now if we want to look at the photos of Hannah Teter and Johnny Bananas then they are quite few in number. We think that Hannah and Johnny want to keep their lives private. But most of the time this couple frequently communicates through social media.

Short Bio: She is only youngest daughter of parents among five children’s, her brothers also associated with this profession. Two of them are snowboarders and one is the manager of sister. This shows that how much they love her. Her parents were not snowboarders but now they converted to this profession due to all children in this game. She is an amazing snowboarder from America. She started this game from early age; in only age of fifteen she got the title of Junior Champion. She got many title throughout the career that starts when she is only of 8 years old to right now when she becomes of age 28 years. Now she also run a charity program for the support of village.

Now originally what going on between them in this romantic relation is not clear at all? Hopefully soon this American snowboarder responds that now what is current status of her private life.

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