George Lopez Wife 2018 Who is George Lopez Married to Now Girlfriend

A long time ago he commenced his career and after a hard time, he became a successful comedian. He got fame due to his super hits comedy seasons, thus now he is in the top list of funny man. Let’s move on to talk about George Lopez married life: As per record, Ann Serrano is his first wife. They have also a daughter, named Maya. Seven years ago Lopez made this announcement that he and his wife are no longer together. We got to know that Serrano was the one who filed the case of divorce. This split up is quite surprising because she loved him a lot. It was his wife who donated her kidneys. This operation came out to be successful. But she failed to maintain her married life.

Now things are going over between them, and they parted their ways with mutual understanding.

  • George Lopez Girlfriend 2018: Not Yet after Divorce

Many people are still thinking that how can divorce that person who has given you the kidney and who has saved your life? This is so surprising and shocking. Twelve years ago, this kidney donation was done and everyone thought that there will be no other way, through which Lopez will be able to repay back to his wife.

But their 17 years of marriage turned out to be a disaster. It is not known whether he cheated on his wife or was the reason somewhat else?

George Lopez Wife 2018 Who is George Lopez Married to Now Girlfriend

 “A Pic With New Rumor GF”

George Lopez relation

Who is George Lopez Girlfriend Married to Now?

It was right after two months of his divorce that this comedian was seen with some mystery lady. It is not known yet who she is? He is one of the newly singles right now. It seems that he has recovered quite quickly and instantly from his divorce and separation.

George Lopez Wife 2018: Single( With no Girlfriend)

 “A Happy Pic with Ex”

George Lopez relation

None one of them is now in the official relationship! His ex-wife is single and Lopez is rumored to be dating with a mystery lady. But this new relationship had not meant that he was marrying this lady. Maybe she is his friend who supports him in this tense time. Because such incident disturbs a man for long period of time.

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