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Garrett Hedlund Wife Is Married to Girlfriend 2018 or Single

Till now, Garrett Hedlund is hooked up with several beautiful women of the industry. Though, he is still unmarried. In 2010, he was in a relationship with an actress Beau Garrett. The duo dated for a short period of time. In 2011, he was spotted with three women these are named Leighton Meester, Rashida Jones, and Lindsay Lohan. A year later, Hedlund encounter with Kristen Dunt. But the duo confirmed the news of dating in 2015. They were together for four years and then split up in 2016. Undoubtedly, this was high profile couple of the entertainment industry. Although, both of them avoid to share the reason for this breakup. But apparently, its seems that Kirsten Dunst parted her ways from Garrett for another man named (Jesse Plemons). Because right after few months of this split up, she got engaged to this guy.

Garrett Hedlund Wife:

  • Single

Previously is he married?

  • No

Garrett Hedlund Girlfriend 2018:

  • Single

A pic with Ex:

Hedlund and Kristen

Garrett Hedlund Wife Is Married to Girlfriend 2018 or Single

Surely, this is Hedlund perfect age to tie the knot with a girlfriend. But probably, he failed to find a perfect lady.

This prominent actor turned singer was born in Roseau, Minnesota. And then, was brought up in a remote beef cattle farmhouse next to the small town of Wannaska, Minnesota. When he was studying in 10th grade, he shifted to Arizona along with his mother, where he worked as a waiter and used to save tips given by the customers and spent it on acting coaching lessons. Before the start of an actual career, Hedlund did modeling for Teen and L.L. Bean magazine.

When he turned to 18, Hedlund moved towards Los Angeles to start his profession. He is active in the industry from 2004. He acquired a prominent role in mythological drama ‘Troy’ as Patroclus. Succeeding, Hedlund co-starred in numerous movies that mainly includes ‘Friday Night Lights’, ‘Eragon’, ‘Death Sentence’, ‘Country Road’, ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’, ‘Unbroken’, ‘Pan’, ‘Mudbound’ and the latest one is ‘Burden’.

In 2011, Hedlund achieved Young Hollywood Award and Maui Film Festival Award. Furthermore, till now, he was nominated for ‘Teen Choice Awards’ and ‘Saturn Awards’.

As per music career of Garrett has concerned the, he has recorded 6 songs till date and appeared on the video games too. However, he is recognized for his acting experience.

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