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Who Is Gabriel Iglesias Girlfriend 2021 Gabriel Iglesias Wife Name Son

Great comedian Gabriel makes people happy every day by his funny acting. It is found that in Gabriel life there is also a girl to whom he is in love. Undoubtedly, Gabriel girlfriend is assumed as the luckiest girl to have this great comedian. Her name is Claudia Valdez. These two first met at the laugh factory ‘A Wish for animal’ and immediately began dating. Subsequently, they are together since 2008. There is no information about their separation and are seen as happy with each other. Claudia is already the mother of a son from ex boyfriend. As per reports, Gabriel is helping her girlfriend to raise Frankie for more than ten years.

Who Is Gabriel Iglesias Girlfriend 2021?

Now, Claudia Valdez and Gabriel are living happily in California with her son. Their couple is cute because both are having the same body structure and weight.

Gabriel Iglesias Wife:

Yet, he and Claudia Valdez has not decided to formalize this relation.

Gabriel Iglesias Son Name:

Frankie( But he is not his biological father)

Some random pictures with female fans:

gabriel iglesias girlfriend


Successful comedian, actor, producer, writer and voice actor of America Gabriel J. Iglesias was born on 15th July, 1976 in San Deigo, California, USA. His mother name was Ester. From an early age, Gabriel father left his family. Thus, he is raised by a sole parent.

Gabriel and his family lived in many cities, at the end they continue to live in Long Beach, CA. Gabriel Iglesias has five siblings all are elder from him, four sisters and one brother. He belongs to Mexican Heritage. From the last few years, he is having a weight issue and recently Gabriel is diagnosed with diabetes.

Before the start of his career, he sells cell phone in a Los Angles Wal-Mart. There, he acted on the road, which was his first experience. Furthermore, Gabriel is blessed with great comedy skills because of this he is famous as comedy genius by Hector Saldana. Gabriel’s comedy is a combination of parodies, characters, story-telling and sound effects that shows his personal experience to his life.

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