Who Is Gabriel Iglesias Girlfriend 2018 Gabriel Iglesias Wife Name Son Pictures

No doubt, this fabulous comedian intended to laugh people every day with his funny acting. It is found that in his personal life there is also a girl to whom Gabriel makes her happy. Who Is Gabriel Iglesias Girlfriend Wife? During 2018 his girlfriend is considered as the blessed girl to have this great comedian. Her name is Claudia Valdez. Both are living together in his hometown. Claudia is already the mother of a son named Frankie from another man. Are they Married? Claudia and Gabriel are in a relationship from the past few years. Their couple is cute because both are having same body shape and similar weight. It is reported that Gabriel is helping her girlfriend to raise Frankie for more than 10 years. Till they are not married but for sure they are happily living in one home. She is not his wife but sure live like a married couple. Further, their pictures tell the whole story.

Who Is Gabriel Iglesias Girlfriend 2018?

  • Claudia Valdez

Gabriel Iglesias Wife:

  • Yet not married to Partner

Gabriel is blessed with quality jokes skills because of this he is famous as a comedy genius. His professional entertainment skills are a combination of musical, light, and situation telling the truth that shows his personal experience to his life. His animated and unique comedy styles are famous among all age groups.

In fact, comedy is his passion. Before the start of his career, he sells the cell phone. While working there, he acted on the road, which was his first experience. At the start of the career, he also worked in a reality show. Originally he got fame from his show named “I am not Fat, I am Fluffy & Hot and Fluffy”. He is one of a most loyal person with his field, that makes him somewhat special.

Who Is Gabriel Iglesias Girlfriend Gabriel Iglesias Wife Name Son Pictures

Some random pics with female fans:

gabriel iglesias girlfriend

Bio: This successful comedian turned actor and producer was born in California. His mother name was Ester. His father left his family for the sake of his career to become a mariachi. His mother includes an alphabet in his surname in revenge for his absence of his father. Thus, he is raised by a sole parent. Furthermore, he has five siblings all are elder from him, four sisters and one brother. From the last few years, he is having the weight issue and recently diagnosed with diabetes.

Apart from his early life now in 2018 Gabriel Iglesias is happy with the girlfriend may turn wife name Claudia Valdez, their story shows that with a solid romantic understanding they bonded strongly. The source said they love each other and always try to spend time together. Because she is already married and son given in pictures so media raised the number of question. This is the reason that he also tries to take her girlfriend away from media.

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