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Who is Fetty Wap Girlfriend 2016 Dating

He has personal love too. He is not married but he is the father of two children’s from different mothers. His son is now four years old, Reese is the baby’s mama. Both of these two are together since 11 years. It is reported that Reese and Fetty first met during the high school days and their relationship grew stronger with the passage of time. Who is Fetty Wap Girlfriend 2016 Dating? Single Recently his daughter is born from the Masika Kalysha mother, daughter name Zaviera. He and Masika first met at some party and afterwards the pair had off-and-on relationship in their past but now it is seen that both are reconciled just because of their daughter.

Last year he engaged to long time girlfriend Alexis Sky, both are living happily. This year the rapper reportedly to broken up this relation, right now he is in search of new love partner.

Fetty Wap relation

He was born with the name Willie Maxwell II, but now simply known as Fetty Wap these days. His neighbors started him calling Fetty, because during his childhood days he was always seeking for money. His background is not available in media. It is found that his family all are associated with this profession. His mother was a singer whereas his father used to write songs and his brother is also associated with this field. He chooses this profession by taking inspiration from his mother. So, it can be assumed that it was not difficult for him to enter into the music industry.

Fetty Wap relation

Fetty has made a huge name as a rapper as well as in the field of singing and songwriting. He got popularity from debut album and he was enrolled at the second number on the US Billboard chart. The fame by the first album helped him to sign 300 entertainment and distribution contracts. Couple of years ago his music album was considered as the most played video. Furthermore in last year, he 3 got biggest awards that take him at peak of career.

Fetty Wap relation

  • Who is Fetty Wap Girlfriend Dating now in 2016? Single

According to Forbes, it is found that he has a total net worth of $ 8 million. His major source of income is rapping and singing. From resources it is found that he is struggling to buy a new home for his mother as she pursue him to take this interest as a professional career. Currently he is living in Paterson. Moving towards his relationship life then he romantically involved with couple of pretty ladies and now again will look a pretty girl.

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