Federica Pellegrini Boyfriend Filippo Magnini

There are so many players in the world that are playing the different kinds according to their interest. Swimming game is one of the difficult and dangerous game and Federica Pellegrini played this game with passion and joy. Federica is also having long time boyfriend in the life and he is known to be Filippo Magnini. Federica and her boyfriend started dating since August, 2011after the breakup with her ex-boyfriend. Filippo is one of the best players of swimming and he made two times 100 meters world champion and also three times European champion. He started their youth career from the basketball and played the basketball, beach volleyball and soccer but not becomes their profession and started the swimming in age of ten and achieved his first cap with Italian swimming national team of the year 1998. He becomes first time international champion and won the silver medal of the year 2003 at the Dublin and after the one year won the gold medal due to their excellent performance. Federica Started their professional career form athletics and participated first time in Olympic Games in Athens of the year 2004 and won first time silver medal in the 200m freestyle in the age of 16 and proves that as the young athlete to won the Olympic individual medal.

Federica Pellegrini Boyfriend Name: Filippo Magnini

Filippo Magnini girlfriend

Federica Pellegrini is professional player of swimming and she was born in August, 1988 in Italy. She becomes excellent records in their professional career in the youngest age and she becomes the world record women’s 200m freestyle. She won gold medal in Beijing Olympics of the year 2008 and after one year efforts becomes world champion in Rome and becomes the first women ever and becomes first female Olympic champion in the history of Italian swimming. Federica and his boyfriend Filippo want to spend happy life together and go different parties and other places together and they help out to each other in their profession because they having extra techniques and skills to won their game. Federica and his Filippo are very loyal with their game and as well as having spend happy life.

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