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Ezequiel Lavezzi Girlfriend Photos Yanina Screpante

Ezequiel Lavezzi is just amazing in his professional life. We can also say this same type of statement when it comes to his personal life. If football is his love then yes Yanina Screpante is too his lady love girlfriend. He is with this girl since 5 years to till this year in 2016. Yes, that spend a long time. They look good; they are comfortable with each other in all photos. They know how to handle each other; it is because of these reasons that this couple is spending a great time with each other. It is since 2011 that this couple has been living together. Right now, it has been 5 years that both of them have been enjoying this great time of their life. Their relationship has now become an official one. They post photos, they share moments together, they attend events, and they are a public figure now, what else we want to have a proof?

It was heard in 2011 that his girlfriend had been mugged in Naples. That is why, he decided to move to Manchester city along with his partner. His girlfriend was robbed at gunpoint. Now, that is a scary incident and we think that he made up the very right decision.

Ezequiel Lavezzi relation

Just because of the fact that his sweetheart who is Yanina Screpante had stripped of her watch by those two armed robbers at some night. So his guy was just there to give her secured feeling. We just hope that this kind of robbing incident might not happen with them in the near future. She can be marked as the best players partners, she is in limelight these days because of his partner. So far, no issues have been seen in their love and relationship.

lavezzi and yanina screpante pics

Yanina is also an famous model of Argentina, she started to do modeling at the age of 18. With this she was having her degree in the interior design. After this relationship she left doing these jobs and followed her boyfriend. They are also aiming to get married now but yet they haven’t revealed that thing.

Twist in this Relation: From last year they kept their relationship at low profile. This happened when photos of Ezequiel Lavezzi floated at media in which he posed with a lady without clothes. With this she also send some pictures to local model named Mariana Diarco, but she was not interested with him. That why this model upload all of his pictures at social media with number of negative comments. No doubt this is not right activity because these things not suited on a professional player. Due to these multiple reason his ex relation effected a lot.

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