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At present, 46 years old Eric Stonestreet is unmarried. It is speculated that he had a relationship with Katherine and they had marriage plan too. Unfortunately after three years of this story, the couple split up and he became single again. During career, he was also spotted with Bethenney Frankel. They gave appearances several times together at occasions. Though none of them pay heed to the rumors and enjoyed their life well. Moreover couple of years ago one of his photo with Charlize Theron was misleading. But they are very different in real life, so why do some people make an assumption. Later on they also publicly denied that anything is going on. Its need to understand that love and friendships are two different relations. But it’s sure that some good looking ladies came in life of this unattractive man.

  • Eric Stonestreet Wife 2017: Surely Un Married

Current Girlfriend: Not Sure

Few years back, Stonestreet’s personal life was a hit topic as he presented the role in ‘Modern Family’. A good friend of him called a nick name and then later it was thought that he is not straight. However, in real life he is entirely straight. No doubt, he is a supporter of LGBT society.

  • Is he Married? No

Stonestreet and Charlize

Bio: This super talented actor as well as comedian was born in Kansas City. He was born to Jamey (mother) and Vince (father). He is of American descent. He went to a high school in Sunrise for formal education. Later, enrolled in a University and achieved sociology degree.

Early Life: As a kid, Stonestreet wishes to become a clown. He formed a clown character himself and named it ‘Fizbo’. At 11, he began cheering up the kids at their birthday parties as Fizbo. Further, while at the university, he got the most notable role in a drama.

Stonestreet and Frankel

Afterward, Eric was involved in the promotional campaign as ‘purple pride guy’ of a University. Consequently, he traveled to Los Angeles to embark his professional career as an actor.

Stonestreet and Katherine

Career: From last eighteen years Stonestreet is working for the showcase industry. He gave his debut appearance in comedy drama movie as a desk clerk. The movies went successful, even it was chosen for Oscar for the category of ‘Best Writing Screenplay’. His famous movies projects include ‘Identity Thief’, and many more. He is best known for his performance in ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ and for sitcom as Cameron Tucker. He was nominated thrice for ‘Emmy Awards’ and got two of them.

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