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Ellington Ratliff Girlfriend 2016 Rydel Lynch Boyfriend

He is one of the best drummer from America. He is a young guy, just 23 years old and also committed with pretty girlfriend. You will be happy to know that they have named their relationship as Rydellington. How cool and cute it is! During 2016 Ellington Ratliff discloses his love story, yes now he is boyfriend of pretty Rydel Lynch.  Here check out that how he takes care of his partner and what kind of girlfriend she is: Last year both of them made this confirmation that they are in a relation. Rydel told the media that yes she is dating her R5 band member. All of this was revealed in a documentary. After this longest time frame, this cutest looking couple has now managed to unveil these details. They have finally uncovered this secret story of them. She has all the time liked him; it was from the very first day that she fall in love.

She told that her partner is just the delightful thing in this world and planet, she loves her like anything, and she finds him the cutest looking guy. On the other hand, Ellington also commented that he has this flirting kind of personality. He mostly teases with the girls but Rydel actually trust on his a lot.

Yes, they have this cutest name for their relationship. She has all the described Ellington as the perfect partner for herself. When it was asked from him that what kind of hair dye he likes on girls then he told that it is reddish in shade. You will not believe that Rydel dyes her carrying the same shade.

Ellington Ratliff relation

It was in the very first meeting that she had found him attractive. All the time, we have seen both of them sitting next to each other. For three years they take this story in secret but  this is right time to make it public. After this declaration they go on beach dates.

This couple all seems happy; they are comfortable with each other. What else anybody can want? If some more happen in their relationship, it will update later. Currently these are the peak days of their love story; they wants to spend every moment with each other. Currently its too early to says somethings about lasting of this  association, apparently its look that it will work for long time.

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