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Diana Taurasi Boyfriend Dating Lesbian Gay Girlfriend

Is Diana Taurasi a Lesbian and have girlfriend or she is straight to dating with boyfriend all story is try to cover at this place? It is heard these days that WNBA star named as Diana Taurasi have recently made such kinds of comments that have kept us wondering that is she is a lesbian or not? It is admitted by this star that she is in search for a perfect lady. First Evidence: In a match an interested situation was build when she kisses her opponent! She is Augustus who has been also engaged to a woman and she just hopes to get married by the end of the season. Such act with lesbian must shows that she is not straight at all. Second Evidence: She also reported to date with couple of Australian basketball players named below. Later on revealed pictures shows that they are must romantically linked with each other.

  • Lauren Jackson
  • Penny Taylor

Is She Married?

She and Penny Taylor look close for a long period of teams, although they belonged to two different countries but during OFF season most of time they had spend time together. But she had not married to with this pretty Lady that again confuses that she is Lesbian or Straight.

Diana relation

She also Dream to Date with Donna Orender

It was at a recent interview when a fan just asked Diana Taurasi that if she had a boyfriend and Taurasi replied that she does not have a boyfriend, and she also said that she is looking for someone rich partner. Then her fan asked her that if she had a celebrity crush and Diana Taurasi said that yes, she had to build special relation with Donna Orender who is WNBA President. From this statement of her, we can say and assume this fact that this player might be a lesbian but we can pass out such massive statements on these small facts. It might be because of the fact wants to build something special with Donna Orender because she wants to promote women power!

Diana relation

As we know that she has been the best American professional basketball player. The story that whether she is a lesbian or not check out the details from here:

Diana Taurasi Boyfriend Dating:

This year she becomes of 33 years; till she has not reported to date with any boy. Now she had passed a long time of life but she is Single now; shows that something is going wrong in her life.

So, whether you think that Diana Taurasi is a lesbian or not, it too much difficult to say YES! But officially as any announcement has not revealed so it’s not easy to authenticate anything. Hope so in upcoming days She must clear this issue with a official announcement that also tries to update here.


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