Diamond Rapper Boyfriend 2016 Who is Diamond Baby Daddy Father

Being a single lady she is in search of boyfriend! Though she had affairs, she had been engaged for once. But somehow, she was unlucky to find the right guy for herself. From past to now a personal life summary of this American rapper Diamond is cover here. Boyfriend 2016:  She is Single; she is right now not married.  In past she had been linked with the Soulja Boy. He is also a rapper by profession. She told that she really loved him a lot at that time. But both of them did not make up their minds to get married. That is why they switched off this relationship and parted away. She told that both of them had all the time been best friends. They used to be best buddies. It was the passion and spirit of this relation that let her to keep on moving. It was through him that made her learn how to tackle and handle tough times of life.

She had a Long time relationship with Scrappy:

Both of them had this 6 years of relationship but then they quit off! Right now, she has no plans to get married. When media asked from her that whom she likes the most, then she told that Soulja will always be her best buddy and she does not want to meet Lil Scrappy in future.

Diamond relation

A reason of their split is that through out this relationship they had not managed to spend a proper time together. In order to build a solid understanding its really important for couple that they spend more and more time.

Her baby daddy controversy was also reported when she said that Soulja is the father of her son. But he denied, after this confusion is not sort out that who is her biological baby father.

Diamond relation

Apparently she is happy to be single but she needs a partner. Though, she gave enough times of her life to these two men but we still have to wait that who will be that man with whom this rapper will feel comfortable! It is all a mind game to live life and this rapper has yet to make up her mind.

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