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Derek Hough Girlfriend 2021: Is he Engaged to Married Hayley Erbert

Right now, the relationship status of Derek Hough is very clear. Without any doubt, Hayley Erbert is his current girlfriend. Initially, they hide the fact that they are Love Birds. But with the passing of time, Derek decided to make it public. Now, both of them have not missed any chance of outing. From their solid understanding, it looks like that soon they will get engaged. Furthermore, apart from Hayley; India de Beaufort was his girlfriend in 2000. The couple remains in a relationship for over eight years and split up in 2008 for no reason. Consequently, in late 2008 Derek was seen with Shannon Elizabeth. These two first met on the set of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ as dancing partners. While their relationship lasted for just a few months and they broke up in August 2009.

  • Cheryl was his girlfriend during 2010 and then they separate after a year. In 2011, he had a feeling for Lauren Conrad.

Subsequently, Nina Dobrev was his girlfriend during 2013 and thereafter Nikki Reed was presumed his lady and these two also broke up after some time. It is rumored that Kate Hudson was his latest girlfriend.

Derek Hough Girlfriend 2021:

  • Her name is Hayley Erbert
  • Pics with Ex Girlfriends:

Relationship with Kate Hudson

Some More Pics:

Is Derek Hough Engaged to Hayley Erbert?

  • No, yet their plan is in pipeline.

Who is he Married to?

Derek Hough Wife:

  • Yet not married

Hough and Hayley

Short Bio of Derek Hough:

He is the only son of Mari Anne (mother) and Bruce Robert (father). Bruce was a politician and worked for the Utah Republican Party as a chairman. Further, one of his sister Julianne is connected with the entertainment industry.

Career: It is seen that Derek’s family influenced him to dance, as his grandparents were also dancers. At 12 his parents divorced thereby he headed to London to continue his studies and then began living with dancing instructors Shirley and Corky. Now Derek is a ballroom and Latin dancer.

Moreover, Derek attended the Italia Conti Academy of Theater Arts and took training in various dancing techniques. Years later, he joined the institute and taught there. However, for the first time in 2001, he was cast for the movie ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone at Hogwarts.

From September 2007, Derek is working for the ABC dancing show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ as an instructor and he has successfully won six seasons. Derek has also given several stage productions. He had also worked on two dance movies too.

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