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David Mcintosh New Girlfriend Metisha Schaefer Ex boyfriend Kelly Brook

Here one can find a complete story of David Mcintosh New Girlfriend Metisha Schaefer dating Ex boyfriend Kelly Brook after break up and split. Famous people belonging to any profession having relation with other celebrities that cause of their popularity. David Macintosh is also having a lot of girlfriends in their professional career and becomes a lot of dating with celebrities. David becomes two girlfriends in very short time because he really known life is full time fun and joy due to this first he becomes their ex-girlfriend is known to be Kelly brook and she is also one of the best celebrities in the world. She is a model, actress and television personality and well known due to their best horror comedy piranha. In their initial friendship both having secret relation and during the passage of time both decides to announced the engagement officially in March 2014. But after few month latter both having not long time relationship and Brook decide to break engagement due to relationship with his new love and both split in month of October, 2014. Now this time David life turns on the different side and he becomes his new partner and both mostly spend time together and she is to be.

If one sees the attraction of this ex couple then are perfectly matched for each other. It’s no doubt that at one side a black handsome boy with perfect body shape and six packs David Macintosh stands with a best curved body girl Kelly then they force everyone to see them.

David Mcintosh dated German beauty Metisha Schaefer

After few days of splitting Kelly appear first time in short dress as usual with best curved body. At that time her ex is going in front of media but after passing few days they together seen on a poll with a lip lock. This ex activity of Kelly makes her sad and in order to minimize this sadness she arrange a part in which she again wear a short dress.


This couple becomes dating on hanging pool in Miami in October 2014 and she is one of the pretty girls. There are some sources said both having affairs and due to this mostly spend time together. She is also British television personality, actor, fitness model and ex-military man and also security operative. He is Royal Marines commando and worked in Sky 1 TV series Gladiators and he participated in celebrity Big Brother 14. He has excellent and best body figure and appears in fitness magazine.

He performed their responsibilities as commando in Afghanistan, Somalia, Ireland and Persian Gulf and after that he leaves Marines and changes his profession. As he comes back from this mission David Macintosh is attached with a pretty girl that is only Kelly Brook but now this relation is going to its end and he is attached with new girlfriend Methisha Scaefer and both are busy in dating.

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