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David Archuleta Girlfriend 2021 Wife Who is He Engaged to Married

You have heard it right that the handsome Archuleta is searching for his life partner. So who is the girlfriend of David Archuleta in 2021! As per recent updates, he is not married or engaged. His dating history clears that he had not involved himself in too many love stories. Mostly he has just retained this declaration that he is Single. A couple of years ago it was at the social media event; that someone asked a question about his personal life? Then he came up with the reply that he is looking for a life partner who is confident and beautiful. But, right now its really difficult to guess that when he will find his ideal lady.

If someone can make him laugh, then she is the one with whom Archuleta wants to get married! Once, he told in private talk that he wants someone who has goals and certain mission in her mind. Let’s see, that his dream will come true or not.

David Archuleta Girlfriend 2021:

  • Perhaps Single

Who is David Archuleta Engaged to Married?

  • Wife:

Yet, he is not Engaged or Married

  • Dating History:

“With Selena Gomez”

From there pics, everyone started thinking that they are a couple and not only just friends. But after some time, their relation reports came out to be false.

David Archuleta relation

Ex Gf:

  • Hagood Coxe

She is his first love.

  • Jackie Castro

This is the second one, but once again this love story was too short.

  • Fernanda Andrade

Above is the last name of his love lady.

“Rumored Relation with Demi Lovato”

David Archuleta relation

A few years back both of them attended parties together, and on these occasions, both seem to be lovebirds. But at a later they made it clear that they are just friends. Let us see when he will find that girl that will meet up on all of these requirements of him. Undoubtedly he is a good looking individual, but at present time career is his first preference.

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