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Dave Navarro Wife 2020 Married to Girlfriend FOX News Andrea Tantaros

Just at the age of 52, this guitarist was married thrice? It is true! None of his three marriages came out to be successful. Let us have a look at his unfortunate marriage endings and information about his present relationship status: Dave Navarro Wife or Girlfriend in 2020: It is confirmed that he is in a loving link with this Fox News co-host; we are talking about this sharp-tongued and fearless Andrea Tantaros. It is since from the last four years that he has found love for one more time. She is 40 years old. They meet and get to know one another through their mutual friends. We can say that Dave has found this new love right in his life.

Dave Navarro Wife 2020:

  • Currently Unmarried

It is true that the private life of Andrea has all the time stayed away from the investigative eyes of media. That’s why she tries to escape from these dating rumors. But this time, the internet had grasped her! Their dating news is making rounds and steam all over on the internet.

Is Dave Navarro Married to FOX News Girlfriend Andrea Tantaros?

  • No

Media sources have seen Dave and his current girlfriend all traveling around New York City. It is true that Navarro had this massive experience of handling girls as he had been married for thrice time and number of girlfriends too.

Dave Navarro Girlfriend 2020:

  • Probably she is Andrea Tantaros( Both officially anyone has not confirmed this relation)

A edited photo of this pair:

Dave Navarro relation

Dave Navarro- Married and Divorced Three Times:

  1. For the 1st time, he tied a knot with a Celebrity makeup artist, her name is Tania Goddard-Saylor. Twenty-seven years ago they got married and then after two years, they had their divorce.
  2. For the Second time, this guitarist had his wedding with Rhian Gittins. But, they parted their ways after spending only one year.
  3. So far, his last marriage was with an actress. She is Carmen Electra. Their married life has lasted for the duration of four years.

Dave Navarro relation


  • Monet Mazur
  • Lexus Amanda

This list is not too short, above two are just serious names of his life.

Up to now, this is entire story of Dave Navarro and Andrea Tantaros relation, if we will be getting in hand about their married or engagement decision surely it will reveal over media. Currently, they are trying to take personal life away from media attention. Without any doubt both are intelligent so they know how to tackle this situation.

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