Cortland Finnegan Wife Lacey Owens Daughter

Cortland Finnegan just loves his wife and daughter and there is no doubt about it! Being one of the perfect footballers, we have also all the time seen perfection in his family life and personal life. He has found his lady love and lady luck in the form of Lacey Owens. He is a proud father, he is a perfect husband, he is a successful footballer. What else he wants now? Let overview that when he got married and what kind of wife he got? He tied a knot with Lacey in the year 2010. This year can be called as the romantic year for both of them. They have a cutest daughter, her name is Kelsey Finnegan. Before beginning of married life they had their 4 year relationship. After feeling that intensity of love and romance, they decided to have their wedding. Cortland did not at all had any of the ex girlfriends in his life.

He remained loyal and honest with his wife. Such kind of commitment and loyalty from the side of husband is highly appreciated.


  • Wife Name: Lacey Owens
  • Daughter Name: Kelsey Finnegan

NFL Player Cortland Finnegan relationship

What Kind of Wife Lacey is?

Yes, it is a fact that Cortland has got this beautiful wife and a perfect mother. Lacey has that perfection in her personality that makes her the everlasting best mother and a wife too. She has that pretty face. Lacey has all the time come up with classic of its kind of attractiveness at her work side. She is like a focused performer and no one can beat her. It is heard that Cortland daughter loves to learn ballet and it is Lacey who regularly takes her to the ballet classes. If Cortland has the greatest and best kind of sense of humor then Lacey is also not far behind. She has also got that same sense of level. Both, Cortland and Lacey have a lot of things common. They just love animals and have few puppies and dogs at their home place.

Cortland Finnegan relation

Cortland Finnegan and his wife have lots of and bunch of common things in them, it is because of this reason that they are still together. All of his fans wish them more happiness in their lives. If one wants to quote a best family then they are best to give a best example to anyone. More their kid made life more beautiful.

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