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Great lady of America Condoleezza Rice is the proud daughter of Angelena and John Wesley Rice, Jr. Her mother was a very good school teacher and church organist. Her father John was guidance counselor of high school. She is the single child of her parents. Angelena loves music so she decided to name her daughter that is used in musical notation which is derived from the Italian term which means “to play with being sweet”. When her parents were on work, she stayed with her grandmother named “Mattie Ray” like her mother; her grandmother taught her music and piano lessons. Her mother had a great love for God but Condi Rice still doesn’t believe on God. Later on her mother was diagnosed from a breast cancer and had surgery in the same year, but after some years of swear illness she got died on August 1985.

After the death of Angelena, John her father became very depressed and started living in Palo Alto close to her daughter. With the help of her daughter she started working at Stanford to help East Palo schools. Thus John again starts spending his life in a normal routine.

Condoleezza Rice

  • Husband: Single
  • Boyfriend: Single

Condoleezza Rice

Gay: Not She is Straight

During this time he met to the principal of art performing school named Clara Bailey who was two years junior from him. After that both start interacting with each other. With the six month of relationship both decided to get marry thus they got married in Las Vegas. Soon Condoleezza Rice became very attach to her stepmother. In February 2000, she was called by her stepmother, and then she informed that father is suffering from severe attack of arrhythmia. After fighting from the six months from this sever disease he died on Christmas Eve.

Rick Upchurch Pic With which she Rumored to Marry

Condoleezza Rice

Education: Her family lived in black community, where education was a big problem for children’s. In 1971 she went to St. Mary’s Academy and also attended all-girls catholic high school and graduated from here. In 1974, she earned her B.A cum lade, in the discipline of political science. In 1975 she attended University from there she got master’s degree in political science. In 1981 she has done Ph.D. in political science from the University of Denver.

Marital Status Is Married to Who: It had reported that once she engaged to a football player named Rick Upchurch in 1970 but after sometime they broke this relationship. Still this great lady is unmarried thus have no children.

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