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Christina Milian and Lil Wayne 2015 Relationship Who Is Christina Milian Husband Married To Now or Single

In this year 2015 Christina Milian has been quite hesitant to talk about her relationship with Lil Wayne. But when camera catch a secret tattoo on her body question are starts arise about it. On asking about it she dedicated this tattoo to her current boy friend Lil Wayne! Now as many things are revealed, she just cannot stop herself from taking their relationship to the next level as she aimed to attach permanently. She also announces that now her body is in the honor of this man! If one sees professional overview of Christina Milian, she is this American actress, being one of the well known singers and songwriters; she has achieved a lot of fame at the age of 33. Get more details that Who Is Christina Milian Husband Married to Now or Single from here:

Christina Milian And Lil Wayne 2015 Relationship:

It was said by her that he is very special to her. In her talk number of time she said that she inspired from him. The induction of tattoo on her body clearly reveals that how much she loves him! It is too heard from the sources that her ex husband The Dream is little bit jealous from this relationship! But right now Christina Milian And Lil Wayne are really happy in this relationship.

Christina Milian relation

Christina Milian Dating Background:

She met with an actor Nick Cannon at their film set that began from 2003; this relationship is ended up with Cannon in the year of 2005 so they together for just two and a half years. Milian ended all this because she said that she is being cheated!

  • Then in February 2009, the reports comes that she has been dating musician named by The-Dream. Then again it’s reported that she and The-Dream were getting married, this couple too celebrated their engagement party in the Las. But later on in 2011 they again decides for split up.

In 2010, she began dating Jas Prince later on both of them have been engaged and Christina has too moved out of the couple’s home, this couple later on announced that their engagement had been called off now!

 Lil Wayne Short Dating Background

  • He was married with Antonia Wright from which he has first child. Then he gives divorced in 2006 to this wife.
  • His second child was born to actress Lauren London.
  • Thirds child named Neal, was born when he is the relationship with singer Nivea.

Hopefully after this whole factors that who is Christina Milian husband married to now or single! are clear now. Right now Christina Milian is quite satisfy with this Lil Wayne relationship and she try to makes it more longer.

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