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Personal Life: It is since 2005 to till 2006 that he and Katie Couric were in romantic relationship. We saw that Couric commenced dating with Botti when actually they preformed together. She was formally introduced with him at party afterwards. At that time when Chris Botti was giving some interview to the media sources, he was must talking about his new romance. He also told to the media that Katie Couric is much brilliant and she is also quite beautiful. He had all the time find his girlfriend quite and rather intelligent. Is He Married to Girlfriend: No later on we see that after duration of one year, differences started emerging between them and then they parted ways. Right after their breakup, he also snapped her for having bad reputation. His ex girlfriend is now engaged and now he is not having nice things to say about her. He called her reputation as cougar reputation! On the other hand, few of the sources have said so that Chris has not said all of this bad stuff about her.

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Dated with Lisa Gastineau

Both of them were seen at a fashion show in 2005. It was seen that both of them have been seen again in some restaurant of Los Angeles. They were joking, laughing and smiling. Now the main question is that how Katie will react when she will came to know that her ex boy friend has been dating with new girl.

Chris Botti relation

Relationship with Brandi Glanville

It was confessed by Brandi Glanville at the time of 2012 that she had a date with this handsome and super Chris Botti. She also made it clear that we didn’t at all sleep together. She too told to the media that we had a super of its kind of fun time together.

Chris Botti relation

Yes, Chris Botti has gained much name and fame because he is the greatest one American trumpeter. Now his age is 53, but till not married.

Family: From father side he is Italian while from mother he is American, but he groomed under supervision of mother. That why her influence is greater on his personality; he speaks English too much better then Italian. He is best in his musical field because he learnt these skill from mother. She is pianist trainer, that why he also started playing musical instruments from early age.

Chris Botti had given multiple best performances in professional life, and also romanced with multiple pretty ladies. But unfortunately not find a girlfriend to married. Hope so this year he will find wife to make a complete family.

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