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Camille Leblanc Bazinet Husband Dave Lipson

In reality, Camille Leblanc Bazinet has a long time true relation with her husband Dave Lipson who is also great player of Corssfit game. This game is plays with passion and strong ambitions and Camille Leblance is professional player of this game and well known due to their excellence performance. She and her husband are supported to each other in this game and having different kinds of extra techniques to efficiently win this game. There are so many people whose belong to Weston world too much likes this game because this is too much difficult and don’t play easily by the every person. Dave is not started initially this profession he was great player of baseball and after retirement from baseball he decided to shift to sifted their profession into Crossfit of the year 2008 and his decision of retirement is good.

Camille started her professional career from gymnastics at high level in the age of 14 and don’t becomes long time profession due to tearing of her hip and after complete fitness she plays soccer and also football and becomes caption of flag football team in their college.

  • Camille Leblanc Bazinet Husband Name: “Dave Lipson”

Dave Lipson girlfriend

Camille and her husband Dave Lipson supported to their career together and she also said my husband coaches me in all events and also supported in all field of life and she also said her performance as the result of her husband hardworking and she is competed in this game.

Its true that in a short professional career, Camille becomes so popular and she is professional Crossfit athlete and best known to for winning the women side CrossFit games of the year 2014. She is also a chemical engineer and getting married with of the year 2013 with Dave and she is having beautiful figure due to their physical fitness and she is qualified in national championship for weightlifting in Canada. Camille Leblanc Bazinet is very loyal to her husband Dave Lipson and also their profession that is one secret of her happy life.

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