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Bruce Jenner Boyfriend After Transition To Women In 2015 Dating Who

A shocking news we are going to reveal is Transition of Bruce Jenner to a Woman has been confirmed. On 27th Feb it was reported that Bruce has plans on being a lesbian one he completes his gender affirmation and becomes Belinda. He wanted to change his feelings about the women but he was not sure that the hormone treatments will change its feelings or not. Now it came to hearing that he has done his gender affirmation and became a woman. Now you must be longing to know about Bruce Jenner Boyfriend After Transition To Women In 2015 Dating Who.

In his recent Interview with Diane Sawyer, Bruce Jenner confirmed that his affirmation is in process. He also said that he started the process in the 1980s after a lifetime of uncomfortable feeling in his skin. He also said that I was not genetically born that way as i have the all male parts but i still identify as a female because i have this gender into my blood. He said about his married life that he had a great life with his ex wife Kris and love her very much. Kris also seen him dressed as woman and she didn’t give any response to it. So that’s all about the Bruce Jenner affirmation and now he is known as Belinda. There are lots of people who wants to know about bruce jenner boyfriend 2015. As he has changed his gender and now he must be having a boyfriend instead of girlfriend.

Bruce Jenner Dating Currently: Still Single

Bruce Jenner Gender Change Pictures 

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Bruce Jenner is an famous American former track and field athlete and now a famous television personality.  He came to international attention when he won decathlon gold medal at the 1976 Summer Olympics which was held in Montreal. After that he was starred in many television movies and was replaced by the Erik Estrada on the TV series CHiPs.  After his 24 years marriage with Kris Jenner he was appeared on the cable television reality series named Keep Up with the Kardashians.  So that was the short intro of the man who is now turned to woman. Keep connected to this page to know about her future relationship.

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