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Brooke Hogan Boyfriend 2019 Husband: Is Brooke Hogan still Married or Engaged

During an interview after her engagement’s dismissal, she admits that she don’t want to get married soon and want to focus on her career. It has been so long since her engagement has been called off, so there may be a boy soon to commit her into a relationship. Phil Costa was her Fiance for a brief time in 2013. Costa is an American footballer who got engaged to Hogan in July 2013 after few months of dating. Whereas, the Dallas cowboy went unsuccessful to impress the legend wrestler and her father Hulk Hogan. Apparently, Hulk became the reason for calling off the engagement because he don’t like the boy to be his son-in-law, as he admits in a statement.

Whereas, Brooke give a totally different statement than her father. She took the blame to herself by saying that she don’t want to get married that time and wants to focus on the career growth.

Brooke Hogan Boyfriend 2019:

  • Apparently, she is Single

Hogan apparently hooked up with fellow singer Colby O’Donis, rapper Stacks and choreographer Jonathan Prater from 2008 to 2009, while working for different songs. Those relations, however, could not vest a great deal and remain just a fling.

  • Is Brooke Hogan still Married?

Brooke Hogan Husband:

Before tying wedding knot, she got separated from the fiance.

Brooke Hogan relation

Other Relationships of Brooke:

Hogan was also rumored to have some terms with singer Spice Boy. Those rumors started when his name came out as one who leaked Hulk Hogan sex tapes which lead him to serious circumstance, including an end to his WWE career.

Who is Brooke Hogan Engaged to?

  • Brooke Hogan Fiance:

Yes, Phil Costa is her ex-fiance.

Jerry Reid was the college boyfriend of young Hogan, whom she dated from 2005 to 2006. He was probably the 1st boy with whom she got physical but the relationship fades away with time.

Short Bio on Brooke Hogan:

Brooke Ellen Bollea was born in 1988 in Tampa, Florida to Hulk Hogan(a professional wrestler) and Linda Claridge(a TV personality). She has a brother named Nick Hogan who is also an actor and TV personality. During school, she took piano, gymnastics, dance and voice classes. Today, she is a famous actor, singer and TV personality who began her career in 2005 with Television ‘Hogan knows best’. In 2009, she did a cameo in the movie ‘Little Hercules’ and in 2011 a full role in ‘Sand Sharks’. As of now, she has done 9 movies and 9 TV shows. She starts her singing career in 2004 with a single named ‘Everything to me’ and today she has 6 singles, 2 EP, 1 mixtape and 2 studio albums to her credit.

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