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Who is Binky Felstead Dating 2016 New Boyfriend

She is a famous one TV personality! Most of her fans and lovers have a doubt about the truth that with who Binky Felstead is dating these days in 2016! Most of the people try to find that with whom she used to have past relationships. Here we will be peeking into the complete dating and personal life details of this young lady. New Boyfriend: At end of last year she gave this statement that she is quite happy to be with Josh ‘JP’ Patterson. She has now officially confirmed her relationship with him. We have seen that things have been getting much happier between both of them and they just love this special time of their lives. It has been confirmed by this couple that their relationship is going well and things are fine between them.

Right now they are having rocky kind of romance between them and what else any couple need? Binky Felstead does not at all care about the future that whether she will be able to live the rest of her life with this man, she only cares about the present and really loving her present time.

Binky Felstead relation

Josh ‘JP’ Patterson proposed her in a very romantic kind of way, he told Binky that he is the only girl in this world which he has eyes for, and he cannot at all imagine Binky to be with someone else.

Binky Felstead relation

A year ago she dated Charlie and then had a breakup. It was in the month of May when both of them had been spotted while they were heading to some dinner date. They had their romantic trip to Mexico too but then things started to get disturbed in their lives and they parted their ways. It was at the London where they had their dinner date. She was looking lovely when she was wearing a cardigan along with the stylish looking ankle boots. In Past he and Alex Mytton also bonded romantically.

Binky Felstead relation

Who is Binky Felstead Dating 2016?

  • New Boyfriend: Josh ‘JP’ Patterson

 Let us see when Binky Felstead and Josh ‘JP’ Patterson will be tying a knot! But right now it’s early to comment that their relation will work long time. Because they are too young and now only few month ago they linked in romantic relation. If a solid understanding will build in between then sure they make a handsome couple.

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