Bill O’Reilly Girlfriend 2018 Divorce Wife Maureen Mcphilmy or Is Still Married

In this short piece of writing, we try to cover the current marital status of Bill O’Reilly, that Is he still married to the wife or his divorce was finalized with Maureen Mcphilmy in last year. But first, have a look at their relationship history, these two first met in in New York, at that time Bill was appointed as a host of show and Maureen was also working at the same place as a public relations executive. In between the two, there was something more than the friendship. That’s why they exchanges vow in the presence of more than 100 spectators. The ceremony was conducted under the custody of their parents. But unfortunately, the couple got divorced after 15 years of marriage. Now all of the viewers of this TV host wished to have knowledge that Who is Bill O’Reilly Girlfriend in 2018.

  • Current Relationship Status: Single

With the ex-wife, he is blessed with two children. The reason for divorce is still a mystery it may be due to harassment case against the Bill but the actual cause is still unknown. After separation both started living to separate homes, not very far distance from New York.


Bill O’Reilly was born in an educated family, his father was an accountant at Oil Company and his mother was a therapist by profession. Basically, he belongs to Irish ancestry and a small amount of English ancestry. He has one sister named Janet; professionally he is a successful television host and political commentator journalist from America currently worked at fox news.

After splitting up; McPhilmy and Bill are battling to seek the custody of their children’s. First Bill was hauled into a controversial harassment suit. Afterwards, he took legal action with extortion charges claiming that she had violated the lawsuit.

Bill O’Reilly Girlfriend 2018 Divorce Wife Maureen Mcphilmy or Is Still Married

A pic with Ex:

Bill O'Reilly relation

Subsequently, Mackris filed multiple complaints in her lawsuit including quotations and phone conversations with the Court. But at end mutual settlement was done between both of them, consequently, they both dropped the demands against each other.

  • Bill O’Reilly Girlfriend 2018:


 “With Child Therapist”

Bill O'Reilly relation

According to online resources, 47 years McPhilmy has won the custody of their children’s. Besides from the agreement of custody, the couple also agreed to a child therapist that may judge any other potential custodial disputes. Although during last DAYS his daughter gives a statement in favor of the mother, she said that her father is too much greater in age. After this Bill O’Reilly responds that this is a stupid statement against him.

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