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Ariel Winter is gorgeous looking young girl, we are sure that many guys will be after her! Here who is her new boyfriend in 2016 dating discussed: Relationship with Laurent Gaudette: It was stated by her in last year that her boyfriend has been quite supportive and wonderful all the time. She told to the media that the minute she saw him, she fall in love with him. Both of them had their first meeting in their high school and it was Ariel who made this very first move to be in a relationship with him. The very first text message was also sent by her and according to Laurent Claude Gaudette, it was quite a long paragraph sent by her. Things went quite strong between them but somehow did not work at all later on.

Split Up: In Last December, this news broke that this couple has now parted ways and it was quite sad to hear about this partition. Ariel Winter posted some post on her social media account where she said that it is the starting of new chapter and it is the starting of new week. In this year, she had also received much amount of criticism because of her breast reduction and everyone is bullying about her. But it seems that she does not at all care about the world. Way to go Ariel! She is beautiful and she will remain beautiful.

Ariel Winter relation

So far no reasons have been given by Ariel Winter that why she had a breakup with Laurent, we have to wait for little bit more time to get to know about the details of their breakup.

Back Together: Breaking news is that in 2016 they solved all matter that cause of this split up. They decided to carry on the relation in best way. They reveal Back Together news through KISS PIC on Social Media Account.

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Ex Relationships:

As we know that Ariel is yet 18 years old and she must be having a teen boyfriend. In start when Ariel was just 14 years old she was dating Callan McAuliffe. They had hit up several red carpet events but now they are not in relationship anymore.

Ariel Winter relation

She always liked to date elder guys than her, After Callan McAuliffe she dated a hot guy named Cameron Palatas. Three years ago they started this relationship but separated after one year partnership.

Ariel Winter is stunning and talented teenager, that why people are jealous that are not as attractive as she is. She had previously dated with couple of guys. Hopefully that this time she dating with a right boyfriend in 2016, meanwhile it’s not sure that this relation is forever. So who next is also early to predict, because if she looking for a new guy then she never back together with EX.

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