April Fools Day 2015 How Boyfriend BF Make April Fool to GF Girlfriend Jokes Prank

Are your ready to fool someone pr fool by others on the 1st of April 2015 which is known as the fools day across the globe. April Fools Day 2015 How Boyfriend BF Make April Fool to GF Girlfriend Jokes Prank must help you to surprise your partner. People plan to do new, unique and exciting pranks with their friends and even with their boy friends or girlfriend, if they are in relationship. Some pranks, jokes or gags are hilarious and enjoyfu; for the target but there are also some pranks which will tease or hurt the other person so badly that even your relationship can be effected. Thus, keeping in mind, the pros and cons of making fool of someone, you should not cross the limit of fun and enjoyment. Never enter into someone sit territory of dignity and respect. Here we have suggested some ideas of how you can make fool of others especially your girlfriend or boyfriend on the April fool day 2015.

How Boyfriend BF Make April Fool to GF Tips:

  • Do try these simple but joyful pranks. Though they are easy to do and not very elaborated yet you will swely laugh your head off after seeing the reaction of your partner.
  • Take the cell phone of your friend who is very conscious about his/her possession and lets say, its his/her favorite cell phone. Change the wallpaper of the phone into a image of broken glass that will give the illusion as in the LCD of the phone is broken. As soon as your friend picks up his/her phone for use, see the crazy reactions.
  • You can change the language of your friend’s phone into some other language or change the overall setting of the phone and also change the casing or cover of the phone. Pose that its your phone. He/she will definitely be upset by not finding his/her phone. After some time when he/she gets hopeless and believes in the fact that she/he has lost his/her phone then reveal the truth and surprise your friend.


  • For some more excitement and see the bonding and sincerity of your friend with you, wear brunt clothes and do some makeup so that you would look as if you have undergone some accidentally. go, to your girl friend’s house and tell her to her surprise that you accidentally burnt your house and all your possessions. Enjoy the shocking reactions.
  • Send a text message to your partner that you are ending up the relationship for such and such reasons then turn off the phone for few hours. Reveal the truth of the morning of 1st
  • Ask your friend to go to your girl friend house and tell her that you are in hospital and dying of some severe disease. As soon as, she enters the hospitals room, surprise her with some celebrations.

Try these pranks and Jokes on this April fools day 2015 to enjoy the reactions of your partner and after this hopefully How Boyfriend BF Make April Fool to GF Girlfriend also give tough time and one must strange and frighten partner with these tips.

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