Antonio Brown Girlfriend Shameika Brailsford Baby Mama Wife

A complete story of Antonio Brown Girlfriend Shameika Brailsford Baby Mama Wife that start from a love and after passing a marvelous period of time its end become worst. Antonio Brown is one of the best players in the world. There are a lot of players in the world who’s having a lot of girls in their careers and they supported him in the bad and happy moment, among these many of them become life partner. There are so many players who are attaching with their girlfriends just for a few time of their life. But Antonio is thinking different of the other players because he is loyal with his first love. Antonio Brown baby mama girlfriend Shameika Brailsford having very interesting story but now their relation become the part of past due to bad circumstances in their lives. Brown and his girlfriend Shameika having very good relation and both relation is based on long time relation before their birth of baby. In the earlier days of their relationship she is one of the best and lucky friend who later on become life partners.

“Antonio Brown Girlfriend Shameika Brailsford: Break Up”

Antonio Brown ex partner

“Antonio Brown Current Girlfriend: Single”

Professional Life: Antonio Brown is a best player of football and he played punt return for Pittsburgh Steelers of NFL (National Football League) in America. He is only man who’s selected in first team All American as punt returner and he start his career in football in their college life. Brown is only player whose is too much famous in the youngest age and he participated second mid American conference championship in there years and become record among 25 top players in this final. Brown becomes second steeler to amass in the first season of their career. Brown won a lot of championship in his career but he loses their baby against the order of the judge.

“Antonio Brown Ex Wife Baby Mama: Shameika Brailsford”

After breakup Brown and his girlfriend kids remains in the custody of mama but brown wants to get him at any cost. For this he don’t afford to spend money against the order of the court. But after the few months ago brown baby is the custody of brown by the judge and his girlfriend just come to see the baby. Till Antonio Brown is in great depress due to his ex Girlfriend Shameika Brailsford Baby Mama Wife and prefer to live alone without any partner. This is major reason that any new relationship is not come; as any story will enter it will cover here about latest one.

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