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Anthony Bourdain Wife Married MMA Ottavia Busia Age Difference

Asides the professional life, he is also a good husband. Bourdain married twice till now. He was first married to wife Nancy Putkoski, girlfriend from the high school days. The couple lived together for 2 decades happily. But after a long partnership they decided to parted the ways and it was considered that travelling widely may be the main cause of separation. Later, Anthony Bourdain met to Ottavia Busia on a blind date with his MMA friend. They ultimately fell in love with each other and got married. He calls this wedding a very sweet incident of his life. He was in the 50’s when he became the father of a kid. Despite of a major age difference he is living a contented life with his family.

He is the great and talented American chef, author and television personality. He was nominated eight times for the Emmy Awards and he was lucky to achieve for the twice time. As well as, he received the couple of more Awards too. Besides the achievements and nominations, he has also made a huge amount of net worth too. He has made a fortune of $ 9 million.

Anthony Bourdain relation

Bio: This most talented man of America was born in New York City but rose in Leonia. He is the son of educated parent. His father was appointed as an executive of the classical musical industry for the Columbia Records whereas his mother was an editor at a local newspaper.

Early Life: He went to Dwight School and did graduation from there. Afterwards, he joined Vassar educational institute but he was not able to complete his degree from there. At time of college he did part time job at Restaurant.

He received his graduation degree from culinary educational Institute. Before becoming a chef, it had spent very difficult time as most of the time he washed dishes at the restaurant.

Anthony Bourdain relation

Start of professional Life: He was appointed executive chef, for the first time at Brasserie Les Halles. He is fond of cooking and is always try to cook something delicious and innovative. Apart from the chef he is also an excellent writer. He has written couple of good books that are mostly related to the cooking. He had published ‘Kitchen Confidential’ and this was considered as the best-selling book. Moreover, he has also shared his cooking tips and thoughts by writing essays and articles. By publishing series of books, he was offered by the cooking network to host his own show. Anthony Bourdain has best kind of professional and personal life to, he is happy with second wife Ottavia Busia with major age difference. But this things never effects on their relation and they spends a good time.

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