Andrea Dovizioso Girlfriend 2021 Wife Is he Married

Though, Andrea Dovizioso has not given any detail about his parents, siblings, educational background and first wife. But he is spotted multiple times with girlfriend Alessandra Rossi. The couple is together from 2013-end. Undoubtedly, they are still enjoying each other’s company. Anyhow, there is no news about their wedding. Before dating to Alessandra, he was married to Denisa. With Denisa, Andrea has a daughter named her Sara. Now the couple is separated and the reason behind separation is not mentioned. Now he is in a relationship with Alessandra and a daughter with Denisa.

Andrea Dovizioso Girlfriend 2021:

  • Probably, Andrea Dovizioso girlfriend 2021 is Alessandra Rossi.

Is Andrea Dovizioso Married?

  • Andrea Dovizioso Wife:

Not sure about this, but according to a few reports Denisa is his ex-wife.

After the divorce, Andrea Dovizioso seems to be happy with the girlfriend. Amazingly, the struggling personal life of this racer has not affected his career. Let’s check his achievements.

Andrea and Alessandra

Short Career Detail of Andrea Dovizioso:

Before starting the professional career in 2001 with Honda, Dovizioso came first in 125cc Italian Aprilia Challenge during 2000. He switched to 125cc World Championships from 2000 till 2004, drove for Team Scott Honda and during these four seasons he manager to achieve one time 125ccWorld Championship, stood on the1st position with 293 points.

From 2005-2007, Andrea raced for the 250cc World Championship again with Honda. He won 250cc World Championship in 2007 with 2nd position and 260 points. From 2008 to present times, he is racing for MotoGP World Championship. He rode Honda from 2008-2011, after a decade with Honda decided to give a try to the Yamaha team in 2012 and these days still driving for the Ducati team from 2013. However, he achieved the 2nd position in the MotoGP World Championship with 261 points. It is found that he will remain in contract with Ducati by the end of 2018 and it is assumed that the contract may exceed.

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