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Amelie Mauresmo Partner Girlfriend 2020 Boyfriend Baby Father Husband Married to Who

As per records, Mauresmo was an unpredictable tennis player, who has the ability to change the entire game in a difficult situation. She could hit the ball topspin, slice, both sides and on a flat too. That’s why each of her game was full of variety and artistry. She was also famous for her muscular physique and confusing personal life because many resources claimed her to be a lesbian. Furthermore, Sylvie Bourdon was her first girlfriend, who was introduced to her through a friend. Both came close very soon but her family did not approve this relationship. That was the core reason, which soars her relations with her parents and causes her to leave their house to start a live-in with her partner.

But unfortunately, that relationship could last only for three years. After her first break up, Pascale Arribe became her partner and she got accepted by her family but that relationship also lived short and the two were separated soon. She was also rumored to date Marie de Villepin in 2007 for a brief time.

Amelie Mauresmo Partner Girlfriend 2020:

  • She is Straight, now.
  • Apparently, she is no longer Gay.
  • In 2015, everyone got surprised with the announcement, that she welcomed a baby boy. Later in 2017, a baby girl was also added to her family.

Amelie Mauresmo Boyfriend 2020:

  • Unknown
  • She has not unveiled any of her personal life. Everyone is waiting for her Boyfriend’s name, especially after the birth of her babies.

Amelie Mauresmo Baby Father:

  • Still, it is a secret that who is the baby father of her kids.

Baby Names:

  • Aaron
  • Ayla

Who is Amelie Mauresmo Husband?

  • She is not married.


Short Bio: She is the daughter of Francoise and Francis. Her mother was a housewife while her father ‘Francis’ was an engineer in a paint factory. Neither of her parents was athletic but she made it big in tennis. She has a brother named Fabien who is an engineer by profession, just like his father.

Amelie Mauresmo relation

 ‘Coaching with Baby Bump’

In 1983, when she turned 5, she got interested in tennis and used to watch and inspire from ‘France’s Yannick Noah’ who is still a great player and her best friend, now.

At that time, Amelie used to copy all of his actions while playing in her garden. Her parents decided to buy her a racket so that she could play. When she turned 11, she was well trained and decided to take admission in a Tennis School. After 3 years of hard work she told her parents that “there is also a world outside this tennis so I don’t want to continue this anymore”. Her parents accepted her decision but she could stay away from tennis, only for 3 weeks.

Amelie’s personal life is really complex. First, she was openly introduced with her girlfriend, as a Lesbian. However, now there is a question regarding her boyfriend or husband after she gave birth to two kids. She has yet not revealed the name of her babies’ father. Hopefully, we get to know soon that whom is she married to. Now we can just wait until she decided to unveil her partner and father of her babies.

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