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Yes, there has been no current buzz these days that Amanda Freitag has been getting married or not! We saw that there at some interview with her at the time of 2011 in which she has mentioned that she is having a boyfriend and not a fiancé or Husband. So far, we have not yet received this news that whether she is still living this guy or not! We have not yet get the confirmation that who is that guy with whom She has been dating or whether it is all rumor. Is she a lesbian? It was also rumored and reported that Amanda Freitag is a lesbian, some of the sources have said so that she is a lesbian and on the other hand, some of the links and sources have said so that she is straight. She has been protective of her personal life from media, this is the reason that she had not talked too many times about her family. Although she is not officially date with anyone but picture shows that something must be found in these couple in past period of time.

Personal Life:

With Gennaro Pecchia

In this picture this man kissed Amanda when they attend a party together. Both of them are too much happy but later on they had not caught together in such romantic made.

Amanda relation

With Bruce Seidel

Another picture that is viral online is again with a man in real romantic mode. Lady only allow to boyfriend for such pose. This story is not end at this place because later on Bruce twitters come whose image is also in below.

Amanda relation


Amanda relation

With Aaron Sanchez

Both work together, so they spend multiple time with each other. In this situation there is greater chance of build romantic understanding. Both participate in number of parties in which again they pose romantically in pictures.

Amanda relation

Here you will update that what is happening in the dating and personal life of this New York chef and also appear guest on the Food Network television program!

She has a Relationship with Cooking:

It has been so far 20 years that she has a strong bonding with cooking; she loves to cook food for her nieces! She is quite passionate about cooking and these dishes are the part of her life. While the above discussed peoples are belongs to this field.

In this overview of her Personal Life and Family we can’t say that Amanda Freitag is either single or she is dating some guy or she married to husband or in case of lesbian her wife but as soon as we will be confirming news that with whom this cooking master has been dating, our team must keep posted! In future will be giving you more details about the personal lives of other cooks so be connected.

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