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Alexa Vega Boyfriend 2016 Husband Married to Carlos Pena Jr

When she got married for the very first time then that was came out to be a failed one. Her age is just 27 and now she has been married for a second time. The name of her first husband is Sean Covel, they remained in this married relationship for two years only. Now two years ago she got married with Carlos Pena Jr for the second time. Now he is Alexa Vega boyfriend and husband in 2016. Detail of her Failed Marriage Life: Six years ago she got married with Sean. He used to be a film producer by profession. They had their wedding event in South Dakota. At her first wedding, she was wearing a Stuart kind of gown, she was looking quite lovely and amazing at that time.

Then after a partnership of two years, it was announced by her that she is parting her ways from Sean. It was through social media that she made this divorce announcement.

Alexa Vega relation

Current Married Life:

They had their dating relationship started four years ago after Alexa first divorce. Since from that time, we just cannot at all separate both of them. Three years ago both of them had their engagement event. They were on a cruise along with their friends at that time. He is an actor and also a singer by profession.

Then their wedding took place in Mexico. Both of them have now become a happy go lucky couple. They look massively cute together. They are enjoying their lives; they are having party time together. She also shared their happy moments through platform of social media.

Alexa Vega relation

When it was asked from the ex- husband that how he is looking into this second marriage of her, then he told the media that he is really happy for his ex- wife and he also pays and delivers his congratulations to her! He too wished her that may she remain happy all the time and may she have the everlasting happily married life together.

Alexa Vega relation

  • Alexa Vega Boyfriend Husband 2016: Carlos Pena Jr

They are the cutest looking loving birds by far, yes it is true! A secret behind their happy married life is their solid understanding. Second thing is the trust that build between them from the start of this relationship.With all of this they also really cooperative with each other in professional and personal life to. Right now they she has not kid because of strict schedule.

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