Alana Rene Blanchard Boyfriend Who is Dating Alana Blanchard

Who is in relation with Alana Blanchard Jack Freestone is Boyfriend of Alana Rene Blanchard that is sees in some attractive pictures. Alana Rene Blanchard is one of the best Surfer players and well known due to their profession and she is beautiful lady as well. She is no having any boyfriend in career because she too much likes and loves with their profession and a lot of boys become their boyfriend but she committed to doesn’t make any boyfriend in the life. She thought boys are big problem for her and she doesn’t survive in their professional career with boyfriend because boys big problem for their bright future.

She also having a lot of best friends and fellows even a number of fans with surfer. She started their professional career from world ASP world tour and she was blowing up women’s scene and new down of punchy of the year 2009. After that doesn’t stopped her successful career and won two back to back world titles due to their best performance.

Alana Rene Blanchard Boyfriend Name:

  • Jack Freestone

Jack Freestone girlfriend pictures

 She is not becomes a model in earlier of her career rather than the surfer who pulls in the world and grew up as very talented girl as best athletes. Blanchard is professional surfer and occasional bikini model and she is also involving in designing Rip Curl bikinis. Now this time she suffered with Hamilton as shark attack. She is also an actress and played by Lorraine Nickolson in film Soul Surfer of the year 2011. She won the pipeline championship and becomes deal to winning the game due to their best performance and proves herself as the best surfers in the world. Moving towards the relationships then she never hide it. The best example is the hot pictures of Alana Rene Blanchard Boyfriend when they both busy in dating even in normal routine they are busy in taking selfies. So here answer is also come that Who is Dating Alana Blanchard that is only Jack Freestone further pictures also clear whole things.

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