AJ Allmendinger New Girlfriend Tara Meador Ex Wife Lynne Kushnirenko

AJ Allmendinger new Girlfriend Tara Meador after Ex Wife Lynne Kushnirenko is starts to come at media. Because number of time this new partner sees for giving him support in his racing game. Starts from AJ Allmendinger Ex-wife Lynne Kushnirenko who is a Canadian model with successful shoots in the field of fashion. A secret behind success of this lady is her best body curves. In earlier days of this relation both claim to loves each other; they aim to spend whole life together. This is the reason they married in 2007 but misunderstandings had raised with passage of time. After spending five years of this marriage they both decided for divorced in 2012. Rumor float at media that in last year of married life AJ had not enough time to spend with wife. That why she start to think that he is busy with new girl. According to source few mutual friends tries to resolve their issues but they already makes a final decision.

AJ Allmendinger after the break up with his ex-wife attach with new girlfriend named as Tara Meador. She is also a beautiful girls; professionally she is a fashion designer who also makes some beauty products.

  • AJ Allmendinger Girlfriend: Tara Meador( Yes, she is)

Tara Meador boyfriend

“AJ Allmendinger New Girlfriend Tara Meador Ex Wife Lynne Kushnirenko Pictures”

AJ Allmendinger Professional Life: He is one of the best car drives who has passion in racing; he always participates in car races for win it. He is only person that’s won five award and third championship in one session. Nation wise twice he won the title and become two time top best players in the world of car racing. He had also get five times champ car title and become the most popular car racer in the world.

AJ Allmendinger now again dated with Lynne Kushnirenko

With this best professional career he also a beautiful personal life with couple pretty ladies. AJ Allmendinger ex wife Lynne Kushnirenko is out of word regards her body curves and now when they split his new girlfriend Tara Meador is also enough to give her ex tough time. She is also a pretty lady and importantly also has attractive figure that attract AJ Allmendinger towards itself and force that she is only one that become new girlfriend.

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