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After Split from Husband Who is Boyfriend of Hayley Williams and Girlfriend of Chad Gilbert in 2017

Up till now, Hayley married once but has one public relation too.  During last year she and Chad Gilbert tied the wedding knot in the presence of Fifty (50) friends and family members. From last nine year, they were in a strong relationship and three years ago Chad proposed her on Christmas Eve and they officially got engaged. Chad is a member of a band as lead guitarist. However, in July, 2017 Hayley cited that they are now planning to part their ways. Yet, divorce procedure is not finalized. So currently it’s too early to guess that after split from husband who the boyfriend of Hayley Williams is in 2017? On other side Chad Gilbert relationship status is also Single. May be he will wait for while and in next start life journey with new girlfriend.

Prior becoming wife of Chad, Hayley was in a secret relation with Josh Farro. They initiated their relationship in 2004 and split up after three year, citing various problems in their relationship.

  • Who is Boyfriend of Hayley Williams in 2017? Assuredly Single

As Well Girlfriend of her Husband Chad Gilbert in this Year? At present he is also Single

Bio: This illustrious name of the musical world was born in Mississippi. She has two other half siblings. When she was of Fourteen (14) year, her parents split up and then she shifted to, Tennessee. During early years, Hayley tries to couple with various local bands. While studying at school, she met with prior band mates Zac and Josh. Gradually she became more enthusiastic to brighten up the world with her voice.

Career: In a meanwhile, ‘Atlantic Records’ identified her talent and pursue her to start career with them, and then sign a label Jason Flom. At the initial phase, she signed as a solo artist but she always dreamed to join pop punk band that’s why she dumped the offer and associated with the band.

Soon after, she formed her own band ‘Paramore’. She is the main vocalist, occasional keyboardist and main songwriter of this band. At the beginning, main members were Josh, Jeremy, Zac and herself, but later the band comprises only three members. Till now, this band has launched 5 best-selling and popular studio albums.

Hayley and Chad

Till now Hayley has recorded a song ‘Teenagers’ for supernatural horror movie ‘Jennifer’s Body’ and also collaborated with other artist to record singles for movies like ‘Set Your Goals’, ‘The Chariot’ and ‘New Found Glory’. She has also appeared in a music video ‘Airplanes’ of B.o.B and on its sequel ‘Airplanes, Part II’. Her collaboration in both singles led her to enroll in Grammy Awards nominations. One can says that his overall career composed of quality work.

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