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After Divorce from Husband Who is Natalie Maines Boyfriend in 2021

Unluckily, Natalie Maine’s 2nd marriage was also over. She meet her second hubby in 1999 at the wedding of a common friend. Within no time, they began dating. Subsequently, this pair tied the nuptial knot on June 24, 2000, at a Wedding chapel situated in Clark County. Afterward, they welcomed two beautiful kids. Divorce is a sad occasion for both of them, but it is to be hoped that they co-parent nicely for the sake of children. Undoubtedly, after spending 17 years of happy marital life, the split-up of this wise lady has surprised everyone.

Before Adrain, Natalie shared the marriage vows with Michael Tarabay in 1997. They together studied at South Plains College. Their marriage lasted for just 2 years and then they filed for divorce.

After Divorce from Husband:

Who is Natalie Maines Boyfriend in 2021?

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After an imperfect married life of Natalie Maines, take a look at her bio and career.

She enrolled in O.L. Slaton Junior High School and finished graduation from Lubbock High School; there she actively takes part in the school choir. While studying at West Texas A&M center she was immensely involved in radio. Later, her instructor at South Plains College reminded her interest.

In 1994, Natalie auditioned for Berklee College of Music to achieve a diploma in music but later she was suspended. In 1995, Natalie joined the summer course at Texas Tech University for Introductory Wildlife. In the following year, Natalie did her first commercial. At 21, she tied up with Dixie Chicks, a notable all-female country music band as a leading singer. Besides singing, she was good at playing guitar and bass in concerts.

First three albums of Dixie Chicks were placed at the number 1 on the billboard. Furthermore, in 2006, she wrote all the 14 songs for the album ‘Taking the Long Way’ that eventually was also listed in the number one position. Furthermore, she was awarded by the Grammy Award for one of the track ‘Not Ready To Make Nice’. While recording for Dixie Chicks, she collaborated with many musical artists. The band won 13 Grammy Awards and 10 Country Music Association Awards which was a big achievement for all members of the band including her.

Natalie and Adrian

In 1999, Natalie unites with Sheryl Crow and gave valuable performances on their Lilith Fair tour and catches the attention of their fans. The duo teamed up on multiple albums too. In addition to working with known artists, she launched albums by herself. ‘Mother’ was her first album, brought up in the market in May 2013. Overall, his professional life is a perfect one.


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