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Adele Boyfriend 2019 Husband Who is Adele Married to

Right now, Adele is a happily married wife of her long-term boyfriend Simon Konecki. They initiated their love life in 2011. Konecki is an Old Etonian and entrepreneur. On October 19, 2012, these two gave birth to their son. In 2017, tabloids alleged that they are now a married couple as they are wearing matching rings. Afterward, she confessed the news at an awards ceremony and told that they are now husband and wife. She further says that they have shared the marriage vows in March 2017 and is living together in East Grinstead, West Sussex.

Adele Boyfriend 2019:

  • One and only Simon Konecki

Mutual understanding of this couple clearly shows that they will spend the remaining part of life together.

  • Who is Adele Married to?

Adele Husband 2019:

  • He is Simon Konecki

Baby Father:

  • Surely, Simon is the daddy of Adele son.

So before marriage, this couple has shared the experience of parenthood. Once, Adele told the media that her love life is like a fairy tale for her.

Adele relation

Right now, both of them have an amazing relationship. They are loyal to each other. She said that it just because of Simon that her life, her family, and her kids are having a perfect life.

A pic of this couple:

Adele with his partner picture

Images Collection:

Undoubtedly, she is now at peak of career, so she has number of options of other relationships. But she is conscious in her personal life, that why she prefer true love story over an unserious film or music industry partner.

Probably, after this entire detail, whole things going clear that who is Adele married to husband and baby father. While at the same time, Konecki is the Adele boyfriend 2019 with which she aims to spend the entire life.

Adele relation

Simon Konecki is a Perfect Man for Adele:

Adele mature baby daddy Simon Konecki can just be a perfect one! During last year, they had also been spotted at multiple public places like while riding or at Airport with son!

Adele relation

Previously, some reports speculated that She also has a stepdaughter along with boyfriend and she just loves her the way she loves her son, this is quite amazing! Shortly, until now everything is going in favor of this pretty lady.

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