Adam Copeland WWE Edge is Married to Girlfriend Beth Phoenix Wife Dating Who

Examining the relationships of Copeland, two times he got married. First he married to a girl named Alannah Morely who was sister of Sean Morely. Due to their professional life both faced very serious problems thus this marriage lasted for just two years and they got separated after four year together. Then in same year of split up he married to Lisa Ortiz and this marriage was remained for just one year. Now-a-days it is seen that he is in a relationship with the famous WWE champion named Beth Phonix. It is UN revealed that from how long this couple was in touch. It was also rumored that Adam Joseph Copeland also famous with his WWE professional name Edge is married to her girlfriend. At same time it’s not confirm that she is his wife, in this case who is he dating in real life right now is big question.

Current Relationship Status: No doubt till he has not married to her partner, but she is baby mama of his daughter. May be they are waiting for a right time when they will tie knot. Right now this couple is in strong relationship, may be in future she is his wife.

Edge relation

Early Life: Adam Copeland  is the son of single mother parent named Judy Copeland, who did multiple jobs to raise his child and he never met to his father in his life time. In his childhood his father was not around so he did not spent a luxurious life when his mother was working he was raised by his grandparents, uncles and cousins. When he was 2 years old his family moved to Dublin during his childhood he started learning piano and guitar then he became the keyboardist and guitarist.

When the young Copeland was just 8 years old, his nine year old senior was dreadfully killed due to an auto wreck. After his death he became very forlorn and depressed, soon he found his cure of his grief and then his cure became his greatest passion of life and that was Hulk Hogan. Thus in 1998 edge debuted in WWE as a outsider.

Ex Wife:

Edge relation

Due to back and neck injuries Edge got retired from his profession WWE and in 2013 his partner Beth left his company where she was working due to the family issues. In 2014 they had a baby girl, he is very fond of music due to this passion he name his daughter Lyric. At present he is a famous Canadian actor and a retired wrestler. Like his professional life he also spend a up and down personal life. Multiple time he married to girlfriends but both had ended at split up. Now this last relationship with Beth Phoenix looks a successful love story. Upcoming days makes more clear that he carry on this relation or who is the next girl he dating to enjoy her company.

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