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2NE1 Boyfriend 2015 Cl Dara Minzy Bom Sandara

A south Korean girl group which has the sizzling girls including Dara, CL, Bom and Minzy. So this article is specially for those who are longing to know about 2NE1 Boyfriend 2015 Cl Dara Minzy Bom Sandara and their pictures as well. These girls belongs to a band musical band which has been very popular from few past years. So you will get to know about CL, Dara, Minzy and Park Bom boyfriend 2015. Before going to the 2NE1 boyfriends you must know about the formation of this group and their roles in the group. 2NE1 is a south Korean musical group of 4 girls which is formed by the YG Entertainment in the year of 2009. Within very short time this group has got fame and popularity around the world. The history behind the name of group is very interesting, 2NE1 is the short but 2 is for ”21st Century” and NE is for ”New Evolution”. The group started its working when they firstly appeared in ”Lollipop” commercial campaign with Bang Bang for LG electronics, While the debut single ”Fire” was came on air on the date of 6th May, 2009. Since then the group has been working and keep on getting game with every passing day.

Dara Boyfriend 2NE1 2015: Joseph Bitangcol (2004-2007)

Park Bom Boyfriend 2015: Currently Dating No One

Minzy 2Ne1 Boyfriend 2015: She is Single

Cl Boyfriend 2015: Never revealed a Relationship

2ne1 girls

The group has also released the two extended plays including 2NE1 in 2009 and the second 2NE1 in 2011. The release of two albums ”Anyone and Crush” earned them a huge trendiness. On September, 2011 the group debuted in Japan with their second extended play as NoIza in Japanese version. So that was the short intro of the girls now we are moving to let you know about their relationships.

You must be thinking that the girls of 2NE1 haven’t dated any guy? Actually the girls of this group are banned from dating boys. Pak Bom, Minzy and Sandra had also faced this ban. But Dara has dated a guy from the year of 2004 to 2007 which is mentioned above. Further as the girls will reveal their relationships we will publicize them here.

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