Yelawolf Girlfriend 2017 Is he Still Married to Fefe Dobson Single

Until now personal life of this hip-hop artist is not exemplary. Because initially; he was failed to last his married life. Then he got engaged to his girlfriend named Fefe Dobson. Four years ago, news of his engagement was circulated over the internet like fire. Afterward both of these recording artists tied into a strong relation. But this engagement was also ended up in last year. Although both expressed these feelings, that this will be their only marriage. Before break up, this couple has made no reference to their problems. Undoubtedly he’s broken-hearted over separation with fiance. Simply after ending up of this relation, Yelawolf got hard time. What else one can be expected from any of the partner when he is ready to tattoo his head for you!

  • Yelawolf Girlfriend 2017: Surely he is now Single

Yes, he had inked his head for his fiancé. We came to know that he got this black and white ink on his head, it is a kind of shaded portrait and on this tattoo design, he will be having the name of Fefe too! Still the reason behind this split up has not revealed.

  • Is he still married? No

He is seen very private in disclosing his personal life. It is reported that Yelawolf is already the father of three children’s. Sonora Rosario was his first wife. There is no information about the date of their wedding as well as even for how long they were together nothing is mentioned over the internet about his first marriage.

Although he learnt a lot from his last marital life, but probably he repeated them again that can cause one more split up with fiance.

Ex Fiance: Fefe Dobson, as in below Pic

Yelawolf relation

  • Who is his Baby Mama? Sonora Rosario

Bio: Sheila is his mother, when she was of just 15 years old she gave birth to him. Further, he is raised by a single parent. In the early days of life, he travelled a lot and spent most of his time in Anitoch. There is no more news about his family background and educational history.

Career: Yelawolf commenced his profession by taking part in reality show ‘The Road to Stardom’. Soon he was eliminated and then he introduced his debut album ‘Creek Water’ in the market. Later, he signed an agreement with Columbia Records and launch debut single under them.

Six years ago, Yelawolf did productive deal of his career with Eminem’s record label and then launch his successful another major-label album ‘Radioactive’. Two years ago, he launched his second album, and third album ‘Trial By Fire’ is going to be release soon. Till date he has launched multiple EP’s and singles too in the market.

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