Who Is Whoopi Goldberg Married To Husband Current Partner Boyfriend 2015

Here if you want to catchup with this news that who is Whoopi Goldberg married to Husband current partner boyfriend 2015 dating and if you want to know that how many times has Whoopi Goldberg been married then we will let you know all about that! Caryn Elaine Johnson she is known by her stage name Whoopi Goldberg. Marriage Details: She has been married three times, first time in 1973, she was married to Alvin Martin and then she got a divorced in 1979, she has one daughter from that husband. Then she got married for the second time on September 1, 1986 with a cinematographer named by David Claessen, this couple then got a divorce in 1988 and then on October 1, 1994, she got married with Lyle Trachtenberg professionally who is a union organizer then this couple got a divorced in 1995. We have also seen that she has been romantically linked with many of the actors like Frank Langella and also with the Timothy Dalton, Ted Danson. From the sources, we came to know that she has well stated that right now she has no future plans of marrying again.

Whoopi Goldberg relation

Dating History and Professional Life:

She dated Danny Glover, Bill Duke, Alvin Martin in 1973 and the she got married with him. She also dated David Edger in 1986, Timothy Dalton in 1990, Ted Danson in 1992, Lyle Trachtenberg in 1994, effrey Cohen in 1995, Frank Langella in 1995 and Michael Visbal in 2001!, Moving towards her profession life then a multi talented lady who is an American actress, she is a voice actress, she is a comedian, screenwriter, she is a producer, author, she is also a singer, songwriter, she is a political activist. She made her film debut in the film named by Citizen. A character that  is reason behind her famous role was playing the character of Celie. Although she is excellent in his professional and cause for number of smiley faces. But on other side its her un fortune that till she never find a true love. This is the reason of disappointment that now she prefer to live single without a partner.

If you want to have more of the details about who is Whoopi Goldberg married to Husband current partner boyfriend 2015 then we will keep you posted with that! One thing is for sure that she hates to marry now but if at any time, she make this plan of getting married again then we will keep you updated with these kinds of news.


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