Who Is Raven Symone Married To 2017 Raven Symone Husband Baby Father

In past, her gender orientation is not clearly mentioned. That’s why she was labeled to not be straight. But couple of years ago Raven made this clear that labeled by orientation is the best way to divide peoples. So she doesn’t want to be tagged at all. Moreover she confessed that she was linked to both men and women, but it does not mean that she is GAY. This type of declaration raised many uncertainties, like in 2017 Who is Raven Symone Husband, as well now she is of 31 years so is she married or has a baby father Boyfriend. Or Is she is Lesbian? At present, Raven’s marital status states that she is single. But for the last time, she was in strong relationship with AzMarie Livingston. Though their bonding last for just 3 years and they broke up in last year. But this relation is not enough to prove her not straight one.

Although AzMarie is a pretty model and initially they gave the impression that they are lucky to have each other.  Probably number of controversies moved them toward split up.

Raven Symone relation

She had a first love story with Marquis C. Seventeen years ago the pair commenced their love life and called off after three year. Thereafter, she was involved with Jonathan ‘Lil J’ McDaniel for duration of four year.

Ex Boyfriends:

After Jonathan, it was speculated that she dated to Jussie Smollett.

Raven Symone Rumored Baby Father Name:

  • Lil fizz
  • Omarion

Who Is Raven Symone Married To 2017: Till Any Name is not Come but Rumors come that she currently dating with Orlando Brown

  • Her Official Status: Single One

raven symone baby daddy picture

Pics Collection with Ex:

Until now her personal life stated that she has a long dating history. But all of these were her failed relation, its not sure that in 2017 she will find a loyal boyfriend that will Raven Husband in 2017. But currently these are just assumptions.

Bio: Beauty with grace Raven was born in Atlanta. She is the daughter of Lydia (mother) and Christopher (father). Raven’s parents were devoted about her career and motivated her to become a model in a very young age. To carry out their dreams, her parents register her name in a child modeling agency.

Around three decades ago, she travelled to Ossining, with her family. At this village of New York being a kid, she had already worked with, a modeling agency for brands like Cool and many others.

Career: Initially, she starred in a famous show ‘The Cosby Show’ and remained connected till the finale of the show. Raven entered into the entertainment industry at the age of 7 as a singer and then often went to Missy Elliott for training lessons. ‘Here To New Dreams’ was her first album that was launched in market. Thereafter her first single ‘That’s What Little Girls Are Made Of’ was placed on 68th in Billboard Hot 100 chart.

She is featuring in television series in late 80s and early 90s. Moreover fourteen years ago, Raven was casted for Disney Channel’s sitcom and played the role of a girl who had psychic powers. While recording ‘That’s So Raven’ she also worked on her third album. Till date, her third studio album is the best-selling one, thereafter she released fourth and fifth songs collection.

Raven has also given her acting skills in movies too. Some of her best movies include ‘Dr. Dolittle’, ‘College Road Trip’ and many other. ‘Kim Possible’ was the first project of her career as a voice actor. Five years ago, VH1’s ranked her at nine numbers on ‘100 Greatest Kid Stars of all time. So one can says; that she is the face of many other popular television series, movies and programs.

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