Who is Paris Hilton Boyfriend 2017 Husband Married to

It is unswerving that Paris Hilton is rich and loaded with so many talents. If we start list down her talents then you will get to know that they are immense in number! She is a businesswoman and well known in fashionable society. She is a television and too a media personality. She does modelling and acting as well. She is a singer and DJ. She writes! She is 35 but encapsulated with bunch of talents. Then what about her personal relationships list? Breakup from Thomas GrossHer ex boy friend was a Swiss businessman. Both of them had their very first meeting at a film festival. It was because of the long distances that they ended their relationship.

Though Paris used to have commercial and first class flights, she has her own private jet so that she can easily fly from Switzerland to Los Angeles. But somehow things did not go smooth between them. They dated for a time of 1 year.

Hilton and Gross

At the same time, she could not balance her private and professional life. When she used to be with Thomas then she also used to miss her sister and mother. Then because of the transcontinental distance, she left him. He was a millionaire, he was a biggest businessman but Paris had to leave him because she could not bear such problems in her personal life.

Who is Paris Hilton Boyfriend 2017?

  • She is serenity Single

Is She Married?

  • Husband: Not

Ex Relationships–  

A long time ago(first or second) she had a relationship with Paris Latsis. Then she hooked up with Doug Reinhardt and too Thomas Gross. She spends some incomparable time with Cy Waits and Alex Vaggo. She was linked up and seen with River Viiperi.

Hilton and Viiperi

Paris has yet away from the connubial stuff. She is still looking and searching for the loving man of her life. Her list of talents and her list of ex boyfriends, both of them are quite long. We hope that this dynamic actress finds her desired man. If she accomplishes in finding the correct man for her, then surely within hours this news will viral on entire media.


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